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A7+ Adhesive

RED HEAD A7+ is a high-strength, fast-cure adhesive that is designed to securely anchor threaded rod and rebar to cured concrete and masonry. A7+ is one of the most versatile anchoring solutions on the market, suitable for use in an extremely wide range of applications and environmental conditions and specifically designed for both structural and non-structural anchoring applications. It comes in both 10 oz and 28 oz..

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Fast Dispensing, Fast Curing Hybrid Adhesive

Most Versatile – One adhesive to be used across an extremely wide range of anchoring applications and substrates, including masonry

All Weather – Approved for saturated, water-filled, and submerged installations

Code Approvals – Cracked concrete, seismic, NSF 61, Ministry of transportation Ontario, Quebec and BC.

  • All-in-one adhesive solutions for light, medium, and heavy-duty anchoring
  • Sets and cures faster and can be installed at lower temperatures
  • Two cartridge sizes to adapt to all jobsite requirements


  • Product DescriptionHigh-strength, quick cure adhesive anchoring system
  • Adhesive Type2-part injectable hybrid epoxy
  • Water Resistance100% hydrophobic, suitable for use in saturated concrete and water-filled or submerged holes
  • Load TypeSuitable for use in applications subject to short and long term sustained loads
  • Hole OrientationSuitable for use with vertical down, horizontal and overhead anchors
  • Hole Size1/16" to 1/8" larger than diameter of rod/rebar
  • Drill TypesHammer or standard rotary drill using carbide-tipped bits.
  • Application Temperature14° to 110° F (-10° to 43° C)
  • In-service Temperature-41° to 176° F (-41° to 80° C)
  • Working (Gel) Time5 minutes at 70° F (21° C)
  • Full Cure Time45 minutes at 70° F (21° C)
  • Adhesive ColorGray when properly mixed
  • Storage Life and Temperature18 months from date of manufacture when stored in 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)
  • Country of OriginMade in France
  • ASTM C881 Type I, II, IV & V; Grade 3, Class A, B, & C with the exception of gel time (Class C only)
  • APMO ER-890 for cracked and uncracked concrete and ICC ESR-3951 for masonry
  • MTO Approval
  • MTQ Approval
  • BC MoTI Approval
  • NSF 61 Compliant
Curing Times
43°1.5 minutes45 minutes
32°2.5 minutes45 minutes
21°5 minutes45 minutes
10°16 minutes90 minutes
35 minutes4 hours
-10°35 minutes24 hours
Spacing and Edge Distance

*Adhesive must be a minimum temperature of 0°C for proper installation

A7 Products Use With

Q: What is the difference between A7+ and C6+?
A7+: Most versatile quick cure adhesive solution for light, medium, and heavy-duty concrete and masonry anchoring.
C6+: Best-in-class performance adhesive for your most heavy duty and specialty applications .
Q: Can I install Red Head adhesives in wet conditions?
A: Red Head Adhesives are approved for installation in all water conditions.
IMPORTANT: Most adhesives in the marketplace would not work or are not approved for installation in all water conditions. You should always confirm with manufacturer before use.
Q: Is a different product needed to install anchors into Hollow masonry?
A: A7+ and C6+ have been designed and approved for installation into hollow-masonry.
The ITW Screens and umbrellas are design for hollow connections. Note that the screens should not be interchangeable between manufactures. Please only use Red head accessories for hollow masonry connections.
Q: What are the advantages of using adhesives vs. mechanical anchors?
A: Adhesives have better spacing, the anchors can be installed closer together and closer to the edge of a slab. Adhesives are stronger in some case and be a preferred option if the load is vibratory, or if you need higher resistance.


Concrete dowelling (slabs, walls, columns) - Steel framing (columns, beams, ledgers) - Brick pinning and CMU reinforcement - Architectural metal fastening (railings, signage) - Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing attachment - Vibratory equipment anchoring