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Adhesive Accessories

Use the following accessories with the A7+ adhesive anchoring systems for all of your hollow base material applications.

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Umbrella Inserts are specially designed for fastening to the face of hollow concrete block, brick, clay tile or terra cotta. Accepts 3/8″ rods, creates a large bearing surface inside block to achieve high loads

Stubby Screens are specially designed stainless steel screens that provide maximum performance and makes it possible to use adhesive for fastening to the front face of hollow concrete block. Screens available for rods 1/4″ to 5/8″

To learn more about umbrella inserts and stubby screens, please find our catalog here.

Nylon Screens are specially designed for maximum holding strength in concrete block and brick wall. The material does not get bent or crushed, and is corrosion resistant.

To learn more about nylon screens, please find our catalog here.

Our other accessories can be found in our catalog here.  They include piston plugs, wire brushes, plastic extension tubing, and our blow pump.