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About Red Head


Since 1910, from skyscrapers and stadiums, to bridges, and military facilities, our products have been used in practically every application imaginable in commercial building, construction and remodeling. Quite simply, wherever there is a need to anchor or attach to concrete or masonry, RED HEAD products are your #1 choice.


Meeting the exact requirements of a specific application is often a “make or break” decision for architects, engineers, and contractors when selecting anchoring solutions. Regardless of the type of application, environment, or seismic requirement, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that select RED HEAD products meet the criteria for building codes and approvals.


Our family of mechanical anchoring solutions includes everything from wedge to hammer-in anchors, which answer the needs and requirements of today’s architects, engineers, and contractors. Available in all the popular diameters and lengths to suit any concrete fastening application, RED HEAD anchors are designed to maximize safety, efficiency, and ease of installation.

The RED HEAD Adhesive Anchoring System includes a complete family of quality products and accessories designed to work in a variety of fastening applications.

Get maximum anchoring performance with:

Epoxy Systems–  Epoxies are very strong (1-1/2 times stronger than mechanical anchors) and insensitive to moisture. Mix ratio and thorough blending of the hardener and resin are important with epoxies. Maximum performance of RED HEAD epoxies is achieved by accurate proportions and mixing provided by our highly engineered cartridges, mixing nozzles, and dispensing tools.

Hybrid Systems–  Combine an excellent mixing ability and chain reaction curing mechanism with a tough, hybrid adhesive. Our hybrid chemistry is ideal for anchoring because it dispenses fast, is not mix ratio sensitive, provides ample working time, and cures extremely fast in small and large diameter holes. Rods are easier and faster to insert in acrylic adhesives than epoxy adhesives at all temperatures.




Mechanical Anchors